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Guidelines for Phase 3


      Ensure that the final transaction processing system is working and that all options listed in your system can be accessed (submit the entire disk remember to compact your files as often if you are using a 3.5 floppy disk):

      To print appropriate reports

      To generate appropriate queries

      To process any transactions


Final Package for Submission


      Print-out of ALL queries and reports

      Provide a final project plan and status reporting

      Write a 1-page security and backup plan for the system that you have developed.

      Discuss overall project reflections on issues/problems while developing this system.

      Compile all the documentation into a file (including all information since Phase I) as a total package.

      Hand in a working copy of the system in a floppy disk or CD.



Marking Scheme


Major Parts


Functionalities of the Assignment

     Actual Running of the Proposed System

     Suitable Use of features of MS Access


Project Plan / Status Report

     provide a project plan and status report (updated)

     ability to set assumptions to scope project (if necessary)

     level of teamwork among group members


Overall Project Write-up and Reflections

     brief description of project aims/objectives

     coherence and integration of content

     reflections on issues/problems encountered during design phase and development of the system