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Chapter 1: Discovering Computers 2005

World of Computers & Literacy


Computer Revolution


      shifts in the way we live.

      shaped society in fundamental ways.

      converted from industrial to

      information society.

      move from physical labour to brain



World of Computers & Literacy


+s of Computer Revolution

      computer retailing

      integrated computers in cars

      24 hour banking

      spell-check & grammar check

      expert systems

-s of Computer Revolution

      replace human

      computer crime & health hazards


Computer Literacy & Cyberphobia

Computer Literacy

To have sufficient computer knowledge to prepare you for workplace and living in a computerized society.

Information Literacy

To know how to find, analyze & use information (ie. to be able to gather info from multiple sources, select the relevant ones & organize it into a form.


To perceive computers as something mystical. The irrational fear of and aversion to computers.


Uses in Business & Industry - Retail

      P.O.S. (point-of-sale) Terminals

      UPC (Universal Product Code

      Debit Card

      EDI (Electronic data Interchange)


Uses in Business & Industry - Banking & Finance

      Stock Market Program Trading

      EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer

      ATM (Automated Teller Machine


Uses in Business & Industry - Education

      In the Classroom

      Performing Research

      Distance Learning

      Administrative Uses

      Education after School

      Edutainment Simulating & Actively Involved


Values of Computer

Read from text


Limitations of Computers

      Need to be Programmed

      Perform limited tasks

      Cannot evaluate intangibles

      Not always the best solution


Categories of Computers - Microcomputer

      desktop, laptop, notebook, palmtop, pocket PC.

      single to a few users

      general purpose, home entertainment & business

      $1,000 & up


Categories of Computers - Minicomputer

      its size can fill a closet

      5 to 4,000 users

      retail business & colleges

      $5,000 to $150,000


Categories of Computers - Mainframe

      its size can fill a room

      more than 200 but less than 2000 users

      used for large scale information processing. Examples in banks & airlines

      $300,000 to millions


Categories of Computers - Supercomputer

      its size can fill a room

      more than 5,000 users

      used by governments, weapons research & oil exploration

      Several Millions $


The First Computers


      Clockwork Calculator

      Jacquard Loom

      Punched-Card Machine

      Analytical Engine

      1st Digital Computer


Early Electronic Computers & The Computer Generations

      1st Generation 1951 - 1959

      2nd Generation 1959 - 1963

      3rd Generation 1963 - 1975

      4th Generation 1975 - Today

      5th Generation ??